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Slip-It® Bra and Bikini Fasteners; making your life easier.


The key features of the Slip-It® fastener are the ease of fastening and unfastening - they are simply slipped together and slipped apart. The Slip-It® fastener allows one handed unfastening even when the fastener is located behind the wearer's back.

The Slip-It® lingerie fastener is a truly global product that is going to replace the old fashioned hook & eye bra fasteners the world over. If you are a manufacturer (brand owner) don't wait until your market share has plummetted and you are forced to follow the leaders - be a leader and increase your market share.

Slip-It® fasteners have been shown to a number of UK & International lingerie companies and retailers and the result has been overwhelming support for the Slip-It® fastener. Bra fasteners are going to change for the better!

Bras have been worn for just over 100 years and it is well known that the old fashioned hook & eye fasteners are very fiddly to use. There have been numerous attempts to find a replacement but all have failed for a variety of reasons but mainly they were just as difficult to use and some even managed to look worse! The Slip-It® bra fastener takes a completely different approach to design combining ease of operation with elegant form and comfort.

Please contact us to discuss purchasing or licensing the Slip-It® lingerie fastener. We are prepared to discuss exclusive licences for certain geographical regions so if you wish to maximise the potential of this innovation and become the lingerie market leader then do get in touch. Equally if you have the ability to help exploit the Slip-It® lingerie and bra fastener anywhere in the world then do get in touch.

The Slip-it fastener is protected by UK and International patents pending. The Slip-It® fastener is designed as a lingerie fastener, including use as a bra fastener/clip.






























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The Slip-It fastener can be used as a lingerie clip or bra clip/bra clasp. It is owned by Coole Solutions Ltd who are currently marketting the Slip-it fastener as a lingerie fastener and bra fastener. Whilst it is a great lingerie clip and bra clip/bra fastener it also has many ot
her uses when scaled up in size. Please contact us to explore some of the other options. Coole Solutions Limited. Web site last updated 28 April 2011 (28.04.2011)