Investment Opportunities

Like all start-up companies, Coole Solutions is seeking investors to help us make a global success of the Slip-it fastener. Enquiries are welcomed from both individual investors and corporate investors.

Commercial Opportunities

The Slip-It® fastener presents lingerie companies with significant opportunities for growth. Women the world over wear bras and, given that the Slip-it fastener has been overwhelmingly welcomed by virtually every woman who has seen and tried it, the scope for expansion is immense. We recognise that some companies are more forward thinking than others so if you are determined to drive your business forward and to gain the commercial advantage over your competitors please feel free to contact the CEO, Nigel Coole.

Whilst we have already made contact with a number of international companies, Coole Solutions is open to all approaches from component manufacturers to help meet future demand for the Slip-it fastener on a global basis. There are also further opportunities for component manufacturers, international sales specialists, and product designers who wish to use the patented Slip-it fastener functionality for other purposes. With changes to size and materials, possible uses include trouser belts, shoe fasteners, vehicle strapping, and basically anything that involves one or more components under tension.































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The Slip-It fastener can be used as a lingerie clip or bra clip/bra clasp. It is owned by Coole Solutions (UK) Ltd who are currently marketting it as a lingerie fastener and bra fastener. Whilst it is a great lingerie clip and bra clip/bra fastener it also has many ot
her uses when scaled up in size. Please contact us to explore some of the other options. Coole Solutions (UK) Limited.