Lingerie Designers and Design Students

It is widely recognised that it is individual designers and design students who are the drivers of innovation in the lingerie industry, and that many of the major brands are forced to follow trends rather than to set them owing to their corporate backgrounds. With that in mind we are happy to send Slip-it fastener sample packs to both established designers and design students who want to modernise the industry and set their collections ahead of the others.

The packs will include a number of pairs of fasteners and a guide on how to update bras already fitted with the old fashioned hook & eyes. Unlike the old fashioned hook & eyes, there are numerous different ways to mount the fastener on to a bra. Whilst we are happy to advise anyone looking to use the Slip-it fastener, naturally each designer is free to decide how they wish to incorporate the Slip-it fasteners into their design.

We will work with everyone in the lingerie industry including brand owners, garment manufacturers, and component manufacturers to ensure a smooth transition to the Slip-It® fastener.


We will be more than happy to send samples to those interested in adopting the Slip-it fastener. Rather than just send out a packet of Slip-it fasteners we have learnt from experience that it is best if we modified a bra for you so you can see how to modify a bra that was made with the old fashioned hook & eye fasteners fitted. Naturally if the Slip-it fasteners are not correctly fitted there is a risk that they might not perform as they normally will. With that in mind, anyone requesting samples is requested to send us a black or white bra that has the old fashioned hook & eyes fitted - either a 28mm or 32mm width back (two rows of hook & eyes). We will then modify it, and return it together with more samples for you to use. This will enable you to objectively see how much better the Slip-it fastener really is during your wear trials.

To request a sample pack please email us in the first instance and include the following information:


Company/Design College


Telephone number

Any other comments


The Slip-it fastener is protected by UK and International Patents Pending and as such will only be available from licensed manufacturers/suppliers. For details of suppliers please do get in touch with us.






























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The Slip-It fastener can be used as a lingerie clip or bra clip/bra clasp. It is owned by Coole Solutions (UK) Ltd who are currently marketting it as a lingerie fastener and bra fastener. Whilst it is a great lingerie clip and bra clip/bra fastener it also has many ot
her uses when scaled up in size. Please contact us to explore some of the other options. Coole Solutions (UK) Limited. It is the lingerie designers and lingerie design students, who dare to be different, who are going to change the industry for the better. The 'we don't do it that way' approach of the older brands is contrary to the approach of lingerie design students who set out to challenge the 'establishment'. Forward thinking lingerie designers and lingerie design students push the lingerie industry forward rather than be dragged along by it.