Product Information

The Slip-it® fastener is totally unlike other fasteners in that it has no locking mechanism, nor does it need one. The success of the design comes from the realisation that whenever a bra is worn, the main section that goes around the chest is always under tension.

The video to the left shows just how easy it is to fasten and unfasten a bra fitted with the Slip-it fastener.

The video clip on the home page shows that, despite not having a locking mechanism, and being very easy to fasten and unfasten, the Slip-it fastener remains connected even under the most 'flexible' activities.

Please note that designers and brands will able to work with us to develop their own particular designs of Slip-it fasteners. Slip-it fasteners can be colour matched as requested and different sizes produced to meet design needs.

Naturally we are more than happy to meet with interested parties to show you the Slip-It® fastener, to demonstrate its improved functionality, the benefits it can bring to your company, and to give you some samples to try out.

To help you with the switch from the old fashioned hook & eye to the fabulous Slip-it fastener, we are going to ensure that the price is competitive with the hook & eye; naturally this depends on quantity, colour, special requirements. The old fashioned hook & eye fasteners should have been replaced many years ago; the Slip-it® lingerie fastener is the solution and it is available now.

The Slip-It® bra fastener is subject to both UK and International Patents pending.































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The Slip-It bra fastener can be used as a lingerie clip or bra clip/bra clasp. It is owned by Coole Solutions (UK) Ltd who are currently marketting it as a lingerie fastener and bra fastener. Whilst it is a great lingerie clip/bra clip/bra fastener it also has many ot
her uses when scaled up in size. Please contact us to explore some of the other options. Coole Solutions (UK) Limited.